The SRS music program has looked a bit different this year, but our students are still learning and making music!

Individual music lessons have been in full-swing since the fall. We have five teachers providing lessonstwo in person (Scott Solsky and myself) and three remotely (Mike Effenberger, Eric Klaxton, and Mike Walsh). Collectively, we teach over 50 lessons weekly! When students and teachers occupy the same space, they stay distanced in a large room (or outside, weather permitting) and wear masks. Our wind instrument players wear special masks that filter the air coming out of their mouths while still allowing them to play.

SRS private music lessons

Private Music Lesson with Mr. Solsky

Family bands have been a new and exciting result of the pandemic. In past years, ensembles have included a Fourth-Fifth Grade concert band, Sixth-Eighth Grade concert band, Fifth Grade rock band, Sixth-Eighth Grade rock band, and a Sixth-Eighth Grade jazz band. We also had Fourth-Fifth Grade and Sixth-Eighth Grade chorus groups.

This year, family bands are composed of two to five students from the same SRS family. This means a greater number of smaller bands with a unique combination of instruments. Music is arranged by Mr. Solsky and me to match the students’ instrumentation. We plan to share some of their performances with you in the near future!

SRS Family Bands

Lewis Family Band

Music is still an integral part of the curriculum for our Kindergarten through Eighth Grade students. While there is no singing this year, our K-2 students have personal instrument kits that they use in class almost every week. These kits include rhythm sticks, egg shakers, and ribbons for dancing. There’s definitely been more rhythm and dancing this year!

In lieu of playing recorders, Third Grade students built their own instruments called palm pipes out of PVC pipes. Music is made by hitting the pipes in the palms of the hand, with each pipe length making a different pitch. We were able to play most of the same recorder songs on the palm pipes! We also wrote a class song using the palm pipes. Fourth through Eighth Grade students are using their computers a lot more to make music this year. We use Noteflight to compose music and Soundtrap to mix music.

SRS Music Instruction

Fall 2020 First Grade Music Class

Our spring recital features 35 students (an impressive percentage!). Students recorded their pieces either at school during their lessons or at home with the help of parents. Check out the spring recital using the link below!

SRS Music Recital

2019 Spring Music Recital

2019 Band and Chorus Concert

We have missed several of our traditional music experiences this school year including live concert band and jazz/rock performances, chorus, singing, Spring Fling, and Friday sing-alongs with our Infant through Pre-K students. We are confident that these experiences will be back! Despite the changes we’ve had to make this year, we are thankful that music is still a big part of the SRS experience!

Rachel Minsinger

Rachel Minsinger, Music Teacher