Happiest of holidays to everyone! We have had a fantastic start to the school year. Students are busy, happy, and settled. I continue to be amazed by SRS students. From the Kindergarten students who are now “old pros” with their school routines to the MIddle School robotics team that placed near the top in the state, our students continue to impress us with their creativity, passion, and drive.

SRS kindergarten

As I walk around the school, I see evidence of the hard work our students and teachers put into academic lessons, music performances, athletic events, and friendships. I have the advantage of a longitudinal view of Shaker Road School’s program in my work with high schools and listening to our alums discuss their time here and how it shaped them for future success. Sometimes, as we focus intently on our daily work, it takes a different perspective to understand the impact of our efforts.

Recently, three SRS alums returned to talk about their high school, college, and now work lives and the difference SRS made in their successes. One alumnus described being so well prepared for high school, he was “bumped-up” in classes. Another alumnus marveled at how his high school classmates could not manage their time and did not know how to study. The most recent graduate discussed how seamless her transition was to high school. They all remembered fondly the relationships they made at SRS, even recalling their first days. “On the first day of school in first grade, Mrs. Stewart told me that a girl sitting in the reading chair would be my best friend. She was right, and we are still friends today.” The other alums also mentioned maintaining close friendships with SRS classmates despite not being in school together for several years. These stories are not uncommon to hear but always welcome and reaffirming.

SRS Alumni

I also have he advantage to work with all students, teachers, and parents in some way. It is such a gift to ride mountain bikes with First Graders, talk to Second Graders about civic involvement, witness the creativity of Fifth Grade world geography theme parks, and see Middle School students take leadership roles with younger students. When the news of the day is a broken record of negativity, spending time in a community like this reminds us what is possible when caring adults come together in the best interest of children. Thank you for continuing to make this work possible.

SRS community fun run

Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. We will return in the new year rested and ready for adventures to come.

With gratitude,
Dr. Matt

Matt Hicks
Matt Hicks, PhD, Principal