Guiding for Academic and Social Success

The Shaker Road School Advisory Program reinforces the school’s dedication to developing the whole child — from achieving academic excellence to fostering self-worth and respect for others.

Teachers throughout the school community become “Advisors” and provide academic and social support for their student advisees.  In this capacity, they serve as liaisons between school and home.  While teachers communicate directly with students and their parents, advisors communicate regularly with teachers about their advisees’ academic and social development.  Should issues or challenges arise at school or home, advisors facilitate communication among all parties, including administration, and work to help students achieve successful resolutions. Advisors also meet three times per year with parents to discuss student progress.

In addition to regular Advisory Meetings, the Advisory Program also supports:

  1. Weekly meetings for Fifth through Eighth Graders led by Student Government Officers to discuss school issues, challenges, athletics, and club participation.
  2. Daily 20-minute conversations discussing specific “Citizenship Themes” and preparing monthly presentations and projects (also known as Exemplars) to demonstrate students’ understanding and commitment to the core themes. The Citizenship Program focuses on specific themes including kindness, responsibility, respect, self-advocacy, empathy, and ethics.

Learn more about the SRS Citizenship Program here.