English Language Arts

Learning through Literacy

The English Language Arts curriculum at Shaker Road School is one of the core subjects in our academic program. From Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, teachers focus on introducing and helping students master skills and strategies in spelling, writing, reading, and grammar.  School-wide, our students are encouraged to be voracious readers with a desire to explore great books and write with passion and enthusiasm.

  • Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, students receive daily reading and writing instruction.
  • Between Kindergarten and Second Grade, students work to master skills in key literacy areas, using a combination of phonics, oral language, and spelling/word study.
  • In Third and Fourth Grades, students continue to work to master skills introduced in Kindergarten through second grade, incorporating additional concepts in word study and grammar. Eventually, students transition from fluency based instruction to analyzing and responding to literature in a variety of genres.
  • By Fifth Grade, students have been carefully advanced to a higher level literacy curriculum with a focus on working independently and applying literacy skills through projects, reports, essays, papers, public speaking, and more.
  • Middle School students transition to a high school-level English literature curriculum, while still maintaining the fundamental skill building lessons necessary for all learners.