Solid Foundational Math Skills

The Mathematics Program at Shaker Road School provides students with a solid foundation in preparation for high school. Understanding concepts, problem solving, and retention of key information and skills is the primary focus of the Math Program.

  • Pre-Kindergarten students develop pre-mathematical skills through center activities such as shape study and number recognition.
  • Kindergarten through Second Grade students begin with calendar math and move to more advanced concepts such as addition and subtraction, as well as shapes, the value of money, and more. Students participate in weekly math centers, working on current skills. Homework and math journals help teachers check for retention of important skills in advance of assessments.
  • Students in grades three through five progress to more advanced math concepts including multiplication, division, and graphing.
  • Middle School math instruction is targeted directly to a student’s ability level. Students who need more support are placed in classes that move more slowly and receive more direct instruction. Advanced students take classes where independent work is expected.
  • Sixth Grade students take either grade level math or pre-algebra.
  • Seventh Grade students take pre-algebra.
  • Eighth grade students enroll in algebra, geometry, or both.

Upon completion of the math curriculum in eighth grade, most SRS students are well prepared to take high school geometry and quickly move on to higher level math concepts.