Social Studies

Widening Our World View

The Shaker Road School Social Studies Program helps students recognize their place in the world, both historically and at present. We teach our students to view the present as history, ask important questions, and view modern issues and challenges with historical perspective, to help them develop into informed and engaged members of our society.

  • Kindergarten students learn about families, traditions, and school communities.
  • First Graders experience formal social studies education and delve into different types of local communities.
  • Second Grade broadens students’ knowledge of community by investigating towns, cities, and states.
  • Third Grade, students explore New Hampshire history.
  • Fourth Grade focuses on U.S. states, capitals, and regions.
  • Fifth Grade begins investigation into world cultures.
  • Sixth Graders study world geography.
  • United States History begins in Seventh Grade and concludes at the end of Eighth Grade. The two year U.S. History course provides an in-depth understanding of our nation’s past and incorporates civics.
  • In Eighth Grade, students begin the year by participating in a Leadership Retreat and end their academic studies with a trip to Washington D.C.

Sixth through Eighth Graders also participate in Social Studies Enrichment Topics once per week, including: Civics, Economics, and Sociology.