Special Education Program

Motivating Students Through Integrated Classrooms

Shaker Road School has offered an inclusive educational program for children since its inception in 1979. School districts may submit an Individual Program Approval (IPA) for those students interested in admission to SRS.

Students with educational handicapping conditions have always been included in the classrooms and programs available with their non-handicapped peers. SRS believes that it is in a student’s best interest to have all parties working in unison to meet his/her needs. The outcomes for students with special education challenges are similar to those of their peers, given the necessary modifications that are made depending upon their individual needs.

It is our belief that the inclusion of a child with educational disabilities not only benefits the student with challenges, but also enhances the understanding and acceptance of all students in the classroom regarding the similarities and differences that exist among people. This program philosophy of students with special needs directly reflects the mission statement that all students are continuously challenged to recognize their self worth and respect the diversity of others.

A meeting with the Special Education Coordinator is required prior to the enrollment of a student with an Individualized Education Plan or any special need requirements. Students may be placed here by their local school districts, if admitted through the admissions process.