Fine Arts & Athletics

Creating Self Expression

Expressing oneself through music, art, and drama is a fundamental part of early childhood education. At Shaker Road School, these experiences aren’t seen as extracurriculars or add-ons, but are core elements of the curriculum that are critical to building students’ creativity and self-confidence.

From the Infant Program through Ninth Grade students are exposed to the visual arts, drama, and instrumental and choral music. But creative self-expression extends far beyond art class.

Students can participate in private music and voice lessons, audition for the annual drama productions, play in the school rock or jazz band, sing in the choir, create albums in the music recording studio, travel to art museums, and more.

In the visual arts, students are exposed to the full range of traditional art media, including ceramics, drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, photography, and jewelry making.  Older students also participate in art projects involving research, writing, and production that focus on specific artists and styles. All students participate in the annual Art Show which takes place during Youth Art Month in March, as well as the annual Spring Fling Music Concert.

Shaker Road School Fine Arts

Fine Arts

At Shaker Road School, our Fine Arts program is combined with other curricular areas to form interesting and meaningful interdisciplinary units. Our program aims to inspire a love of art in our younger students, while challenging our talented older students to develop and refine their skills.

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Shaker Road School Athletics


SRS athletics are an essential part of students’ extra-curricular and co-curricular lives. We provide opportunities for students to try new sports and activities, explore their potential, and develop skills. Our Athletics Program focuses on teamwork and character development, both through hard work and having fun.

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